Monday, October 8, 2012

Girl Scouts of America: Miramar, Florida

I promised when I wrote about the Boy Scouts last month that I'd do the same for the Girl Scouts. Well, I haven't forgotten. Those of you in Miramar, your best bet is the Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida, which serves girls from Broward County north all the way to Indian River County.

Before I get started, if you Habla the Espanol, your website is here.

I found this page a very helpful resource, providing grade level program booklets and brochures, event calendars and helpful contact information.

So what do the Girl Scouts do in Southeast Florida? Well, looking at their calendar, they go hiking and swimming and camping: and they attend Marlins games and visit Nickelodeon, all divided up for age appropriateness. But Girl Scouts also participate in community service events, take part in skill building classes, and learn about other cultures. Remember, the Girl Scout Mission is to build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. So I'm sure that besides all the fun, there is plenty of teaching and learning happening, too.

The Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida have three camps: Camp Welaka in Tequesta, Camp Nocatee in Clewiston and Camp Telogia in Parkland. They are used for outdoor get-togethers and summer camp and other activities throughout the year.

The Girl Scouts of the USA website offers lots of other information that is relevant for all chapters and locations. I'd start with the About Page.  They also have a National Convention each year. This year will be their 52nd Convention taking place in Houston, Texas, on November 8-13.

Getting back to the local Girl Scouts, here are some frequently requested contacts; if that proves insufficient, here is a full staff directory. And for sure go check out the other information.

Frequently Requested Contacts

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