Thursday, May 26, 2011

Miramar, Florida Police Department

I was passing by the Miramar Police Department yesterday and decided to snap a picture for you. As you can see, there was a Miramar Fire-Rescue vehicle parked right in front. It was there on an actual emergency call--there were at least 15 people scrambling behind it. Not wanting to get in the way, I settled for the photo above. Nice to see Emergency and Law Enforcement working together, which is critical in any city!

The police department is located on Miramar Parkway, just a short distance east of Red Road in the Miramar Park of Commerce. You'll see it on the north side of the road. If you click the link above, you can see another photo without all the vehicles in the way. Of course, they don't have any problems clearing traffic away when they want to take their own picture.

Miramar Police Department
3064 North Commerce Parkway
Miramar, FL 33025


To report a non-emergency: (954) 765-4321


MIRAMAR HELPLINE: (954) 602-HELP (4357)

While you're on their website, check out their Core Values, Mission Statement, and see how they plan to attain their primary goal: "to continue making The City of Miramar a safer place for [their] residents." There is a wealth of other information there about the other programs the Miramar Police are involved in.

In my seven years living here, I have nothing but nice things to say about the officers. They came when I called after the my neighbor's Pit Bull broke out of it's pen, they have been very approachable in every location I've seen them, and I have no driving violations. Seriously, SLOW DOWN! The speed limit on Miramar Parkway is 45 at most. You should smile when you see one of these guys making sure our roads are safe.

Next time you see an officer around town, thank them for the difficult job they do and for helping to make Miramar a great place to live!

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