Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Comcast Hiring for New Spanish-Language Call Center in Miramar

One of my coworkers, who happens to live in South Carolina, passed me a note earlier today that said she heard Comcast was hiring in Miramar. She told me because she knows I live here in this awesome city! After looking around for almost no time, I found out that what Comcast is planning to do is hire approximately 300 bilingual Spanish speakers to staff a new call center they are opening on their current Miramar campus. No address was given, but I believe this location to be correct. If you are unfamiliar with the area, look for the Walgreens on Miramar Parkway just east of I-75 and that is your turn north.

According to that Sun Sentinel article above, they are searching for bilingual candidates with sales experience. I even did a sample search for you to show you some examples of what they are recruiting for. Now I don't speak Spanish, which is pure idiocy according to my Colombian wife of 15 years. By now I should be fluent. (If only I knew Sofia Vergara was going to be a spokesperson.) But for many residents of Miramar and nearby cities, this could be an awesome opportunity to showcase those skills. You all know how prevalent Spanish-language television programming is here, bilingual or not! And it's awesome that our city attracted a great business like Comcast which is creating more jobs here. 

Here is the address for Comcast, though I suggest you don't just show up and rather follow their application instructions. And, if you work there or if you get a job there, I'd LOVE to hear about the whole experience!

2501 SW 145th Ave
Miramar, FL 33027
(800) 266-2278 

Update 7/19/2011: A friend of mine was invited to their office by someone who works there. I saw the invitation and the address said 2601 SW 145th Ave., Ste #100, Miramar, FL 33027. So maybe both addresses house their offices? Maybe this is a new one for the new call center? Not sure, but again, I wouldn't just show up.

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