Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Somerset Academy Miramar Registration for School Year 2011-2012

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Last week, re-registration packets for the 2011-2012 school year were sent home to current Somerset Academy Miramar students. The one caveat was that at least 15 volunteer hours, which I believe is half, must have been completed before they will receive it. Along with the re-registration form, a letter from Principal Sadesky said that Sibling Registration forms would also be available online starting yesterday. When I didn't see the forms this morning, I called the school and asked them to put them there. Just a few hours later, you can find them if you need them. Nice!

I know all of this so far is only good if you are a current student, but the Public Registration Period is just around the corner, starting March 1, 2011. Here is the schedule:

2011-2012 Registration Dates

Current Students*, Siblings*, and Transfer Students February 7-18

Public Registration Period March 1-March 31

Notification of Initial Registration Acceptance April 8

Confirmation due to school April 15

Current Student Re-Registration Packets are sent home with your child upon verification of volunteer hours.

*= Please note that all current students, including 8th grade students, must have at least 15 volunteer hours completed prior to receiving any re-registration paperwork from the school or to receive report cards and/or transcripts necessary to matriculate to high school.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s registration please email us at registration@somersetmiramar.com or call 305-829-2406 ext. 301.

I previously did this short post with a few pictures if you're interested in hearing more about my opinion of the school. One last Pro Tip: call the number above if the email doesn't work. It bounced on me this morning. I did suggest they fix that issue, but a call will always be answered during office hours.

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