Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fairway Park and Community Garden: Miramar, Florida

A little over a month ago, The City of Miramar had its Grand Opening for the Fairway Park and Community Garden. This community garden project was the idea of Mayor Lori Moseley. Mayor Moseley envisioned a project that would strengthen the community bonds immediately surrounding the new park, while providing a sustainable and environmentally sound source of fresh foods. Here is a presentation that the City made leading up to the Grand Opening.

A terrific overview by the City can be found here. You will find out about the garden, its sponsors and its volunteers. The volunteer application is closed as of today but will reopen as necessary.  You can also find out about the crops being grown there, learn how this project is green in many ways, and see a ton of ongoing photos. The photo above is from the Grand Opening and can be found amongst those on the linked page.

The garden's address, located in Fairway Park is:

Miramar Community Garden
3700 Largo Drive
Miramar, FL 33023
(954) 967-1611

Apparently this is just one of many things the City of Miramar is doing to be a Green city. Here is a list of many of the projects and initiatives that are in the works.

On a final note, and completely related, as I was doing research for this piece, I came across this really cool blog called South Florida Challenges. This guy is basically doing what the Miramar Community Garden is doing, but in his own back yard. He's trying to turn his Miramar back yard into an organic sustainable garden, and invites you to learn as he has from his triumphs and tribulations. There are lots of great photos and lessons, including how to take care of the insects (something I need to learn), so if this is something you've been thinking about or are inspired, check it out!

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