Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fountains of Miramar

Just west of I-75 where Miramar Parkway meets Dykes Road is a pretty nice outdoor shopping plaza called the Fountains of Miramar. When I moved to Miramar in 2004, only the Home Depot, a gas station and maybe a bank existed. So it was really interesting to pass by the construction zone and see the erection of Ross, Pet Supermarket, Office Depot, Starbucks, Marshalls, Benihana, Panera Bread, Supercuts, and a few dozen others. I've personally been in almost all of those plus a few others I can't remember now. If I left your store out, or maybe it's your favorite store in this shopping center, leave a comment and let me know and tell me why it's your favorite. I'll let you know how you can send me a photo to include here.

The traffic getting in and out of this place has a lot to be desired but once you're in the parking lot, you'll have no issues whatsoever. So just have patience if you need to wait through two red traffic lights. Put a smile on your face and know you are almost there. The property is also well maintained and welcoming.

Here are a few pictures I took this morning, mostly in order. Remember I am not a professional photographer, though some of these are better than the actual store website photos, and my bratty kids in the back seat were impatiently waiting to hit McDonalds! This isn't close to all of the stores either. Hope you can make it--the stores are pretty nice. If you live in Miramar, always consider shopping here before going up the road to that other less-convenient, overpriced place. Shop at home, and let's continue to make Miramar the destination where everyone wants to be!

Home Depot
Miramar Store #6353
3183 SW 160th Avenue
Miramar, FL 33027
(954) 392-0767

3261 SW 160th Avenue
Miramar, FL 33027
(954) 342-2892
Manager: Masaharu Sato

Mattress Giant
3111 SW 160th Avenue
Miramar, FL 33027
(954) 538-9150

Office Depot
3101 SW 160th Ave
Miramar, FL 33027
(954) 322-5366

3021 SW 160th Ave
Miramar, FL 33027

3001 SW 160th Ave
Miramar, FL 33027
(954) 602-1551

Panera Bread
2955 SW 160th Ave
Miramar, FL 33027
(954) 441-9950

Starbucks Coffee
2945 SW 160th Ave
Miramar, FL 33027
(954) 392-5105

2921 SW 160th Ave
Miramar, FL 33027
(954) 443-1123

Thanks for reading!

Update 4/18/2011: If you are interested in leasing space in either the shopping center or the outparcels in front of it, send me an email. I'm pretty sure I've figured out who the correct contacts would be for you.

Update 6/5/2010: Here is another strong shopping plaza review with numbers, Miramar Square, located on the corner of Flamingo Road with Miramar Parkway. 


Janie Mehaffey said...

Found your blog tonight while researching swim lessons for my son. LOVE your posts! We have lived in Miramar for 3 years and have really grown to love it. We realize there's so much more for us to explore ... just found the new library last month!

So thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us current residents and those considering Miramar as a future community. Great stuff!

Rob said...

Thank you, Janie. That was a very nice compliment. Miramar has a lot to offer and is a nice city, so I am proud to tell people about it. It's amazing though how difficult it is to find out about some of the places or things to do.

I live off of Flamingo and so far this blog is biased West of there, but eventually I'd like this to be a little more comprehensive.

Thank you for reading and commenting. Tell your friends, and if anyone ever has a contribution or idea to add, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Love this corner of stores!!! only one major problem. All employee's park where the patrons should be parking. We never can find parking. Someone needs to address this problem.
Silver Shores Resident!

Steven Monroy said...

Verizon's newest location has come to the Fountains of Miramar. Come in and get expert advice for all your mobile devices. We are located right next to Chipotle and Chase Bank.

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