Wednesday, May 5, 2010

City of Miramar Swimming Class Schedules

Update 5/16/2011: Here is the newest class schedule.

I took my son to the Regional Park Aquatic Complex (West) last night for his swimming classes. I tried to sign him up for next week's continuation, but was too late. The class at the time I needed is full. I asked to keep a schedule. The guy handed me a crumpled up piece of paper, which accounts for the two photos below.

I asked the guy if this was online anywhere. He said NO. I asked him if it bothered him to receive so many calls when it seems to be very logical to place it on their website. I guess it doesn't. I asked him for the June forward schedule, too, but he said that wouldn't be available for several weeks. A bit strange but whatever. For more information about the Aquatic Complex, I've already written one posting. But I felt like another would be beneficial, with the schedule and tips.

So, the two photos below are the best I can do to help you with Weekday and Weekend classes at both the East (they wrote "EAS", LOL) and West Regional Aquatic Complexes. These will only help you for the next two sets of sessions ending early June. I will try to get a cleaner copy of the new schedule when it's out as well. Also, make sure you call them to confirm everything as things change, and classes, as you heard above, fill up quickly. This isn't my work. I'm just trying to help you out.

By the way, for all of the strangeness of these schedules, my son's entry-level class is absolutely excellent, and he has really developed some skills in just 6 classes so far!

Again, these aren't great, mainly because of what I had to work with, but I don't think you find them anywhere else online. Click them and they will be larger.

Update 5/11/2010: I just got off the phone with the guy at the aquatic complex and he told me to call him on 5/13 to see if the city approved the schedule for after June 6 yet. I'll get that schedule, either in person or by email if I can bribe the guy then. Don't bother calling before then, he said. I'm trying my best for you!

Update 5/13/2010: Here it is, people. The schedules for June through November, 2010.

Weekday Classes Through June 4, 2010

Weekend Classes Through June 6, 2010

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