Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Miramar's Largest Easter Egg Hunt

Update 4/5/2012: If you're looking for info about the 2012 services, I posted it here.

Update 4/5/2011: For those of you that find this post looking for information on the 2011 Celebration, I made a new post just for that.

People. Easter Sunday is just a few days away! Calvary Fellowship will be celebrating with Miramar's Largest Easter Egg Hunt. Considering it will be Easter Sunday and this egg hunt is scheduled at the same time as their regular service at Everglades High School, I'm betting you will be able to hear about Jesus while you are at it! That wouldn't be so bad, would it? If you don't know the story and glory of Jesus, please ask me!

I stole their bio (don't stone me) from Twitter of all places. Here it is: Calvary Fellowship is a contemporary, Christian Church that is casual about style, but serious about faith! Here are directions for the egg hunt and the fellowship.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Case Study: Miramar, Florida is Awesome

I graduated from Cornell University in 1994 with a degree in Chemistry. I have lived in Miramar, Florida for over five years now. Those might seem to be random facts, but a study conducted about a year ago by Cornell University makes me extremely happy about my decision on where to buy a home. And also proud that my alma mater has recognized the awesomeness of our city.

The case study is not long and wont take you very long to read, but it shows that Miramar is a great place to live, is ethnically and demographically diverse, and has great programs for children and families. Yes, there are challenges in every city, and the past year since the study has been rough everywhere in Florida, but I'd say we're still thriving. You will be proud to be a resident here, and if you are thinking about a place to move to or raise a family or just enjoy life, consider my city. Miramar.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Somerset Academy Miramar Charter School

Update 6/2/2011: I added 3 photos at the bottom.

I already told you that I live in Vizcaya. Near the entrance to the Vizcaya communities (on Flamingo just north of Honey Hill Drive) sits Somerset Academy Miramar Charter School. (I know the picture isn't great; that stop sign grabbed all the attention!) This is a relatively new school, in just its third year of existence. There was for many years the Neighborhood School across the street, which was basically just a converted house that could only handle a few dozen students. Now, that is used for Pre-K and K children before they move over to the big school in First Grade.

My son has been in the big school for two years now, and I am very pleased with the education he is receiving, the discipline that is being administered, the communication, the aftercare program, everything. Mrs. Shannine Sadesky-Hunt, the school's principal, is a very nice woman and seems to know every single kid's name (and the parents that go with each kid). Besides being nice, she seems to not take any flack from the students and is well-respected for it.

If you're looking for a great school, check this place out! This is their posted mission inside the school and a banner showing that they are the Sharks! Watch out Jaws!



12601 Somerset Blvd
Miramar, FL 33027
Phone (305) 829-2406 Fax (305) 829-4477

Office Hours: 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Mrs. Shannine Sadesky-Hunt

Here are some photos I took tonight, 6/2/2011, after the science fair.

Somerset Academy Miramar Playground

Nice Playground

They are so awesome even the grass grows with a shark logo!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vizcaya Communites Miramar Florida

Guys, it makes sense to start near home. Home for me is Vizcaya, a massive expansive group of communities on the property west of Flamingo Road just north of Honey Hill Drive. The community expands all the way to the field where they are building the new park and is contained by a canal to its north.

Anyone else live here? I guarantee some of you readers live here as this place is as big as my entire home town in Pennsylvania, at least in the number of homes and population. There are around 13 communities that make up Vizcaya. Here are some pictures of a few of them. How'd you like to live in Camelot? Let me know if you have pictures or would like to meet sometime. I love my neighbors, mostly.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Miramar Fire and Fire Rescue

Today I was about to take my three-year-old son out for a walk around 6pm. I took the camera hoping to capture Miramar in some way. As I was walking out the door, my seven-year-old came rushing up to me on his bike, with a few friends in tow. Our friend's house had a major fire, just an hour before. What? I was home at that time and didn't hear anything.

So we walked over, like 20 houses around the corner, and sure enough, a huge fire had destroyed their garage and severely damaged the interior. The owners were there, although their renters were not. Apparently, from what one owner told me, a hot muffler from the renter's car against the wall and a couch was the fire starter. Really sad, and the tears showed it! I drank Grand Marnier in that house with the best of them! But that's why you have insurance.

And that's why you live in a city that has the six fire trucks (that I missed) to put out this fire before the whole house was gone. They will recover and no one was hurt.

On a weirder note, as the community security guard (and the only one with a gun) told my son and his buddies to go play somewhere else, a Miramar Fire Rescue truck pulled up. But they took their stretcher into a house two doors away. Clearly a corner to avoid today (and the Miami police officer dad of my son's friend who lived across the street thought today might be a moving day). However, it makes you proud of these fire, police and rescue workers. And I am!

Here's the truck that came to rescue a neighbor of the fire victim.

Here are two more garage pictures. Check out the burned out car inside-that will NOT buff out! The damage was extensive. You'll probably see this one on the news tonight!

City of Miramar Vizcaya Park

Update 6/23/2011: if you are interested in this topic, I have another blog that is chronicling the building of this park. I try to take some photos and give a little commentary a few times per month.

I'm willing to bet a lot of you don't know anything about Vizcaya Park in Miramar. At the end of Honey Hill Drive after you cross over Flamingo Road going west, you will hit a dead end after passing all of the Vizcaya communities on your right. That dead end used to be a huge desert with nothing but a giant radio tower on the far side. The field was rocks and sand and was contained on the far side by the Florida Turnpike.


The field was also apparently a good place for losers to dump their old mattresses and tires and furniture because there used to be a huge pile right at the end of the road. Here are a few remnants of the bad old days!

Personally, it was an awesome place to go kite flying with my kids. A big wide-open space just a few minutes from my house. Terrific!

But one day, they put up a chain-link fence across the road so no one could easily access the field by car (perhaps to stop the dumping). Workers began to clear all of that garbage and put up some signs. They put in a couple of roads and street lights, but then the work stopped. Maybe the stoppage is due to the economy, but it sure would be wonderful to have a new park there. I can't wait for it to be done!

Let me know if you have more specifics. The city lists it as a park, but for now, there is no reason to go! Surely you don't need this sign to tell you not to jump over chain link fences into a construction zone, but the threat of a felony should help you make up your mind. Besides, I already took the pictures for you. Wait until they are done!

It seems that some people got angry that their dumping ground got replaced with a sign announcing that a park was going to take its place. They took their frustration out on the sign with a can of spray paint and poor graffiti skills. The sign is literally right where a mountain of trash used to be!

Update 8/18/2010: I drove down to the chain-link fence in front of this park a couple of days ago. Nothing has changed, not even one rock moved.

Update 1/25/2011: I posted another little bit of information

Update 5/9/2011: I started another blog to chronicle the building of this park and provide information about its amenities once completed.

Here are the initial roads and street lights. That's the turnpike in the background.

You can see the radio tower here that used to stand alone in this desert.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Welcome to Miramar, Florida

I exchanged this picture I took May, 2011 for one I was using before
I live in Miramar with my wife and two young children. I am just getting started here, but I've seen a lot of changes in just the last five years of living in this city. I'd like to chronicle some of those things as well as future events, in writing and with photographs.

For example, look at the intersection of Miramar Parkway with Flamingo Road five years ago and compare that with today. Wow! On one corner we have a CVS, a Hess Station and a business park where part of that cow pasture once resided. What will become of the rest of that huge parcel of cow pasture in the next five years?

On the adjacent corner, a humongous field where there was once brush and trees. What are they going to do with that?

On the third corner, another Florida strip mall. I bought my wife's birthday gift at the Kohl's anchor store there just a few days ago.

Let me know what you think. Your ideas. I'd welcome your participation and contributions as well.

Nice meeting you, and welcome to my city.